Source code for buildtest.cli.path

import sys

from import Report

[docs]def path_cmd( name, configuration, testpath=None, outfile=None, errfile=None, buildscript=None, stagedir=None, buildenv=None, report_file=None, ): """This is the entry point for ``buildtest path`` command which will display path variables for a given test name. If no options are specified we retrieve the root directory where test is installed for the latest run for test. One can specify a specific test ID by specifying backslash **/** folowed by test identifier. Shown below are some examples .. code-block:: # get test root for latest run of 'circle_area' bash-3.2$ buildtest path circle_area /Users/siddiq90/Documents/GitHubDesktop/buildtest/var/tests/generic.local.python/python-shell/circle_area/ac3d8bd8 # get test root for identifier that starts with 'e37' bash-3.2$ buildtest path circle_area/e37 /Users/siddiq90/Documents/GitHubDesktop/buildtest/var/tests/generic.local.python/python-shell/circle_area/e371dcb8 # get output file for test circle_area bash-3.2$ buildtest path -o circle_area /Users/siddiq90/Documents/GitHubDesktop/buildtest/var/tests/generic.local.python/python-shell/circle_area/ac3d8bd8/circle_area.out # get error file for test circle_area bash-3.2$ buildtest path -e circle_area /Users/siddiq90/Documents/GitHubDesktop/buildtest/var/tests/generic.local.python/python-shell/circle_area/ac3d8bd8/circle_area.err Args: name (str): Name of test to search in report file configuration (buildtest.config.SiteConfiguration): Instance of SiteConfiguration class testpath (bool): Retrieve path to testpath for a given test outfile (bool): Retrieve path output file for a given test errfile (bool): Retrieve path to error file for a given test buildscript (bool): Retrieve path to build script for a given test stagedir (bool): Retrieve path to stage directory for a given test buildenv (bool): Retrieve path to buildenv for a given test report_file (str, optional): Path to report file """ report = Report(configuration=configuration, report_file=report_file) tid = None builders = report.builder_names() # if input name contains a '/' followed by TEST ID we will match id if name.find("/") != -1: for builder in builders: if builder.startswith(name): tid = builder.split("/")[1] break else: tid = report.latest_testid_by_name(name) if not tid: print("Please select one of the following builders:") for builder in builders: print(builder) sys.exit(1) record = report.fetch_records_by_ids([tid]) path = record[tid]["testroot"] if testpath: path = record[tid]["testpath"] if outfile: path = record[tid]["outfile"] if errfile: path = record[tid]["errfile"] if buildscript: path = record[tid]["build_script"] if stagedir: path = record[tid]["stagedir"] if buildenv: path = record[tid]["buildenv"] print(path)