Source code for buildtest.cli.schema

import json
import os

from rich.syntax import Syntax

from buildtest.defaults import console
from buildtest.schemas.defaults import schema_table
from buildtest.schemas.utils import here
from buildtest.utils.file import read_file, walk_tree

[docs]def schema_cmd(args): """This method implements command ``buildtest schema`` which shows a list of schemas, their json content and list of schema examples. The input ``args`` is an instance of argparse class that contains user selection via command line. Args: args (dict): Parsed arguments from `ArgumentParser.parse_args <>`_ """ # the default behavior when "buildtest schema" is executed is to show list of all # schemas if not args.json and not args.example: for schema in schema_table["names"]: print(schema) return # -n option is required when using schema options if not raise SystemExit("Please specify a schema name with -n option") if args.json: console.print(json.dumps(schema_table[]["recipe"], indent=2)) return # There are no examples for definitions schema if == "definitions.schema.json": if args.example or args.validate: raise SystemExit("There are no examples for definitions.schema.json") examples = os.path.join(here, "examples", # get all examples for specified schema. We validate all examples and # and print content of all examples. If there is an error during validation # we show the error message. schema_examples = walk_tree(examples, ".yml") for example in schema_examples: if args.example: content = read_file(example) console.rule(example) syntax = Syntax(content, "yaml", theme="emacs") console.print(syntax)