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from buildtest.defaults import console
from rich.table import Table

[docs]def buildtest_help(command): """Entry point for ``buildtest help`` which display a summary of how to use buildtest commands Args: command (str): Name of buildtest command specified by ``buildtest help <command>`` """ if command in ["build", "bd"]: print_build_help() elif command in ["buildspec", "bc"]: print_buildspec_help() elif command in ["config", "cg"]: print_config_help() elif command in ["inspect", "it"]: print_inspect_help() elif command in ["report", "rt"]: print_report_help() elif command == "path": print_path_help() elif command in ["history", "hy"]: print_history_help() elif command == "cdash": print_cdash_help() elif command == "schema": print_schema_help() elif command in ["stylecheck", "style"]: print_stylecheck_help() elif command in ["unittests", "test"]: print_unittests_help()