Buildspec Tutorial

Please proceed to Buildspec Overview to get an overview of how to write buildspecs. This section can be done on your workstation.

Tutorials Setup


The tutorial setup is required if you want to run buildspecs using the the compiler and spack schema.

To get started for this tutorial, you will need docker on your machine to pull the container. You can pull the container by running the following following:

docker pull

Next we can start an interactive shell into the container as follows:

docker run -it

We need to install buildtest and setup environment for this tutorial. This can be done as follows:

git clone
cd buildtest
source scripts/spack_container/

This container provides a software stack built with spack, you should see buildtest, spack and module command in your path. The configuration file used for this container is set via BUILDTEST_CONFIGFILE.

spack@ef50085c8a81:~/buildtest$ which spack

spack@ef50085c8a81:~/buildtest$ which buildtest

spack@ef50085c8a81:~/buildtest$ module --version

Modules based on Lua: Version 8.3  2020-01-27 10:32 -06:00
    by Robert McLay

(buildtest) spack@87354844bbf3:~/buildtest$ echo $BUILDTEST_CONFIGFILE