buildtest is supported on Redhat or Centos

You need the following packages to get started.

  • Python > 3.6 or higher

  • Lmod yum install Lmod

If you want to build Lmod see the following links

Installing buildtest

To get started clone the buildtest repos in your filesystem:

$ git clone

Once you clone the repos you will want to install the python dependencies for buildtest which can be done by running

$ pip install docs/requirements.txt

The requirements.txt can be installed via pip in your python environment (virtualenv, conda or pipenv .

To configure buildtest source the file

$ source

Setting up auto-complete on buildtest arguments

Before you start using buildtest you may want to setup autocomplete feature in your shell by running

eval "$(register-python-argcomplete buildtest)"

This command works for bash or sh shell, if you are using tcsh you can run

eval `register-python-argcomplete --shell tcsh buildtest`

For more details on argcomplete please visit


It is highly recommended to setup auto-complete feature when using buildtest to make use of tab completion

buildtest version (buildtest -V)

You can check the current version of buildtest by running the following:

$ buildtest -V
buildtest version:  0.6.3