BuildspecParser is intended to read in a Buildspec file with one or more test blocks, and then generate builders based on the type of each. The BuilderBase is the base class for all builders that expose functions to run builds.

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A BuildspecParser is a base class for loading and validating a Buildspec file.

class buildtest.buildsystem.parser.BuildspecParser(buildspec, buildexecutor)

A BuildspecParser is a base class for loading and validating a Buildspec file. The type (e.g., script) and version are derived from reading in the file, and then matching to a Buildspec schema.

The schemas are located in buildtest/schemas, we load the schema dictionary and validate each buildspec with global schema and a sub-schema based on the type field. If the schema fails validation check, then we stop immediately.


Return repr(self).


Return str(self).

_check_executor(self, test)

This method checks if executor property is not None and executor value is found in list of available executors.


test (str, required) – name of test in buildspecs property in buildspec file

_check_schema_type(self, test)

Check type field is a valid sub-schema and verify type + version will resolve to a schema file.


This method will validate the entire buildspec file with global schema and each test section with a sub-schema. The global validation ensures that the overall structure of the file is sound for further parsing. We load in the global.schema.json for this purpose.

A buildspec is composed of one or more tests, each section is validated with a sub-schema. The type field is used for sub-schema lookup from schema library. Finally we validate loaded recipe with sub-schema.