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This class is an interface to buildtest configuration



class buildtest.config.SiteConfiguration(settings_file=None)

This class is an interface to buildtest configuration


Validate cobalt queue property by running `qstat -Ql <queue>. If its a non-zero exit code then queue doesn’t exist otherwise it is a valid queue.


This method validates all LSF executors. We check if queue is available and in Open:Active state.


Validate pbs queue property by running by checking if queue is found and queue is ‘enabled’ and ‘started’ which are two properties found in pbs queue configuration that can be retrieved using qstat -Q -f -F json. The output is in the following format

$ qstat -Q -f -F json
             "state_count":"Transit:0 Queued:0 Held:0 Waiting:0 Running:0 Exiting:0 Begun:0 ",

This method will validate slurm executors, we check if partition, qos, and cluster fields are valid values by retrieving details from slurm configuration. These checks are performed on fields partition, qos or cluster if specified in executor section.


This method gets current system by setting by matching hostnames entry in each system list with actual system. We retrieve target hostname and determine which system configuration to use. If no system is found we raise an error.

property file(self)

Loads configuration file


Return name of matched system from configuration file


This method will resolve path to configuration file. The order of precedence is as follows:

  1. command line argument - Must be valid path

  2. User Configuration: $HOME/.buildtest/config.yml

  3. Default Configuration: $BUILDTEST_ROOT/buildtest/settings/config.yml

validate(self, validate_executors=True)

This method validates the site configuration with schema