is a YAML file that buildtest interprets when generating the test. A Buildspec may contain one or more test that is validated with a global schema and sub schema.


is a JSON Schema file (.schema.json) that defines structure of a buildspec file and it is used for validating a buildspec

Global Schema

is a JSON schema that validates buildspec file. buildtest will validate all buildspecs with global schema

Sub Schema

Each test section in a buildspec file is validated with one sub-schema defined by type field. The buildspec test section can only be validated with one sub-schema

Test Script

is a generated shell script by buildtest as a result of processing one of the Buildspec.


is a buildtest configuration file in YAML that configures buildtest at your site. The Settings file must be compatible with the Settings Schema.

Settings Schema

is a special schema file that defines structure of buildtest settings.


is responsible for running a TestScript. An executor can be of several types such as local, slurm, lsf which defines if test is run locally or via a scheduler. The executors are defined in the Settings file.