This documentation was last rebuild on Dec 15, 2020 and is intended for version 0.8.0.


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buildtest is a HPC testing framework to help sites perform acceptance & regression testing of an HPC system. buildtest utilizes json schema to define structure of test written in YAML called a Buildspec File. The schema docs is a resource that hosts buildtest schemas and documents all field attributes for each schema, this will be useful when you are Writing buildspecs.

A spin-off project called lmodule which is a Python API for Lmod. The buildtest module features were deprecated and moved to lmodule with the main object of automating module load testing. For more details on lmodule see

To get started with buildtest, please review the Terminology and proceed to Installing buildtest followed by Getting Started with buildtest.

For additional reference, you can read Summary of buildtest and Conference and Publications.


buildtest is released under the MIT license

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