GitHub Integrations

buildtest has several CI checks that are run when you create a Pull Request, it is your responsibility to review the CI checks and make sure all checks are passing. Each pull request will show the CI checks, you can see the github actions that are also typically linked as part of the pull request.


We use coverage to measure code coverage of buildtest when running regression test. We use CodeCov to display coverage reports through web interface. The coverage configuration is managed by pyproject.toml file found in the root of the repo.

Whenever you add new feature to buildtest, please add regression test with test coverage to help maintainers review new feature request. For more details on running coverage tests see Running test via coverage.


Codecov report coverage details in web-browser. CodeCov can perform pull request comments after coverage report is uploaded to Codecov which is useful for reviewer and assignee to see status of coverage report during PR review process. The codecov file .codecov.yml is used for configuration codecov. For more details on codecov yaml file see

Gitlab CI checks

buildtest has automated CI checks on gitlab servers: (NERSC) and (OLCF). The gitlab pipelines are stored in .gitlab directory found in root of repository. We have imported the buildtest project using the Gitlab CI/CD for external repositories feature to automatically pull mirror and run CI/CD from incoming Pull Request to buildtest project on GitHub.

The project mirrors are located in the following location

We have configured each gitlab project to point to the gitlab configuration file. For instance, at NERSC we use .gitlab/nersc.yml that runs CI on Cori, this can be configured at Settings > CI/CD > General pipelines with the path to gitlab configuration. For more details see

GitHub Bots

buildtest has a few bots to do various operations that are described below.

  • Stale - stale bot is used to close outdated issues. This is configured in .github/stale.yml. If there is no activity on a issue after certain time period, probot-stale will mark the issue and project maintainers can close it manually. For more details on Stale refer to the documentation

  • CodeCov - The codecov bot will report codecov report from the issued pull request once coverage report is complete. The configuration for codecov is defined in .codecov.yml found in root of repo.

  • Pull Request Size - is a bot that labels Pull Request by number of changed lines of code.