New Maintainers Checklist

Onboarding Email

This guide is to help onboard new maintainers into the buildtest project. To get started send an invitation email as follows:

We are pleased to invite you to the buildtest project and become a
buildtesters (a.k.a buildtest maintainer). We understand your time is
valuable; therefore we request a minimal effort of 2-3hrs per week towards buildtest.

As a buildtesters, you will be working on the following:

  * Monitor and triage issues
  * Assist user in slack channel (#general)
  * Update documentation
  * Review or triage Pull Request
  * Issue new pull request
  * Troubleshoot build errors in regression test or CI checks

As a buildtesters you may be granted elevated privilege to the following
services: GitHub, ReadTheDocs, Slack, and Google Analytics. As a
buildtesters, you agree to be accessible on Slack as our primary communication

If you agree to these terms, you will be assigned to work with another buildtest
maintainer in your first two weeks. Once you are confident in your duties, we
will let you work independently at your own pace, should you need help please
contact one of the buildtesters.

Please review the contributing guide:
if you are unsure about your responsibilities as a buildtesters.

If you agree to these terms and conditions, please reply "I CONFIRM".


Onboarding Checklist