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import os
import shlex
import shutil

from import BuilderBase
from import get_module_commands
from buildtest.utils.file import write_file
from import deep_get

[docs]class ScriptBuilder(BuilderBase): """This is a subclass of BuilderBase used for building test that uses ``type: script`` in the buildspec.""" type = "script" def __init__( self, name, recipe, buildspec, executor, buildexecutor, configuration, testdir=None, numprocs=None, numnodes=None, compiler=None, ): super().__init__( name=name, recipe=recipe, buildspec=buildspec, executor=executor, buildexecutor=buildexecutor, testdir=testdir, numprocs=numprocs, numnodes=numnodes, compiler=compiler, ) self.compiler_settings = {"vars": None, "env": None, "modules": None} self.configuration = configuration self.compiler_section = self.recipe.get("compilers") # if 'compilers' property defined resolve compiler logic if self.compiler_section: self._process_compiler_config() self.resolve_compilers() self.status = deep_get( self.recipe, "executors", self.executor, "status" ) or self.recipe.get("status") self.metrics = deep_get( self.recipe, "executors", self.executor, "metrics" ) or self.recipe.get("metrics")
[docs] def resolve_compilers(self): # get environment variables self.compiler_settings["env"] = deep_get( self.compiler_section, "config", self.compiler, "env" ) or deep_get(self.compiler_section, "default", self.compiler_group, "env") # get environment variables self.compiler_settings["vars"] = deep_get( self.compiler_section, "config", self.compiler, "vars" ) or deep_get(self.compiler_section, "default", self.compiler_group, "vars") # compiler set in compilers 'config' section, we try to get module lines using self._get_modules self.compiler_settings["modules"] = get_module_commands( deep_get(self.compiler_section, "config", self.compiler, "module") ) if not self.compiler_settings["modules"]: self.compiler_settings["modules"] = get_module_commands( self.bc_compiler.get("module") )
[docs] def write_python_script(self): """This method is used for writing python script when ``shell: python`` is set. The content from ``run`` section is added into a python script. The file is written to run directory and we simply invoke python script by running ``python`` """ python_content = self.recipe.get("run") script_path = "" % os.path.join(self.stage_dir, write_file(script_path, python_content) self.logger.debug(f"[{}]: Writing python script to: {script_path}") shutil.copy2( script_path, os.path.join(self.test_root, os.path.basename(script_path)) ) self.logger.debug( f"[{}]: Copying file: {script_path} to: {os.path.join(self.test_root, os.path.basename(script_path))}" )
# lines = [f"python {script_path}"] # return lines
[docs] def generate_script(self): """This method builds the content of the test script which will return a list of shell commands that will be written to file. A typical test will contain: shebang line, job directives, environment variables and variable declaration, and content of ``run`` property. For ``shell: python`` we write a python script and return immediately. The variables, environment section are not applicable for python scripts Returns: List of shell commands that will be written to file """ # start of each test should have the shebang lines = [self.shebang] # if shell is python the generated testscript will be run via bash, we invoke # python script in bash script. if == "python": lines = ["#!/bin/bash"] sched_lines = self.get_job_directives() if sched_lines: lines += sched_lines if self.burstbuffer: burst_buffer_lines = self._get_burst_buffer(self.burstbuffer) if burst_buffer_lines: lines += burst_buffer_lines if self.datawarp: data_warp_lines = self._get_data_warp(self.datawarp) if data_warp_lines: lines += data_warp_lines lines.append(self._emit_set_command()) # for python scripts we generate python script and return lines if == "python": self.logger.debug(f"[{}]: Detected python shell") self.write_python_script() py_script = "" % format(os.path.join(self.stage_dir, python_wrapper = self.buildexecutor.executors[self.executor]._settings[ "shell" ] python_wrapper_buildspec = shlex.split(self.recipe.get("shell"))[0] # if 'shell' property in buildspec specifies 'shell: python' or 'shell: python3' then we use this instead if python_wrapper_buildspec.endswith( "python" ) or python_wrapper_buildspec.endswith("python3"): python_wrapper = python_wrapper_buildspec lines.append(f"{python_wrapper} {py_script}") return lines # section below is for shell-scripts (bash, sh, csh, zsh, tcsh, zsh) if self.compiler: compiler_variables = { "BUILDTEST_CC":, "BUILDTEST_CXX": self.cxx, "BUILDTEST_FC": self.fc, "BUILDTEST_CFLAGS": self.cflags, "BUILDTEST_CXXFLAGS": self.cxxflags, "BUILDTEST_FFLAGS": self.fflags, "BUILDTEST_CPPFLAGS": self.cppflags, "BUILDTEST_LDFLAGS": self.ldflags, } lines += self._get_variables(compiler_variables) if self.compiler_settings["env"]: lines += self._get_environment(self.compiler_settings["env"]) if self.compiler_settings["vars"]: lines += self._get_variables(self.compiler_settings["vars"]) # Add environment variables env_section = deep_get( self.recipe, "executors", self.executor, "env" ) or self.recipe.get("env") var_section = deep_get( self.recipe, "executors", self.executor, "vars" ) or self.recipe.get("vars") env_lines = self._get_environment(env_section) if env_lines: lines += env_lines var_lines = self._get_variables(var_section) if var_lines: lines += var_lines if self.compiler_settings["modules"]: lines += self.compiler_settings["modules"] lines.append("# Content of run section") if "container" in self.recipe: container = self.recipe["container"] container_platform = container["platform"] container_command = [] if container_platform in ["docker", "podman"]: container_command.extend( [container_platform, "run", "-v", f"{self.stage_dir}:/buildtest"] ) elif container_platform in ["singularity"]: container_command.extend( [f"{container_platform}", "run", f"-B {self.stage_dir}:/buildtest"] ) if container.get("mounts"): if container_platform in ["singularity"]: container_command.extend(["-B", container["mounts"]]) else: container_command.extend(["-v", container["mounts"]]) if container.get("options"): container_command.append(container["options"]) container_command.append(container["image"]) if container.get("command"): container_command.append(container["command"]) lines.append(" ".join(container_command)) # Add run section lines += [self.recipe["run"]] return lines