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import os
import sys

from import Report

[docs]def change_directory(test, configuration): """Given a test name we will change directory to root of test for last test run. This method implements command ``buildtest cd`` Args: test (str): Name of test found in test report. The test is specified via ``buildtest cd <test>`` configuration (buildtest.config.SiteConfiguration): Instance of SiteConfiguration class """ report = Report(configuration=configuration) builders = report.builder_names() tid = None name = None # if input name contains a '/' followed by TEST ID we will match id if test.find("/") != -1: name = test.split("/")[0] for builder in builders: if builder.startswith(test): tid = builder.split("/")[1] break else: name = test tid = report.latest_testid_by_name(test) if not tid: print("Please select one of the following builders:") for builder in builders: print(builder) sys.exit(1) record = report.fetch_records_by_ids([tid]) testroot = record[tid]["testroot"] os.chdir(testroot) print(f"Changing directory to root of test: {name}/{tid}") shell = os.environ.get("SHELL", "/bin/bash") os.execl(shell, shell)