Source code for buildtest.cli.clean

import os
import shutil

from import resolve_testdirectory
from buildtest.defaults import (
from buildtest.utils.file import is_dir, is_file
from rich.prompt import Prompt

[docs]def clean(configuration, yes): """Entry point for ``buildtest clean`` command which will clean up directories and configuration files generated by buildtest. User will be prompted for series of question with (Y/N) to select response to each action which can be ignored by passing ``--yes`` option. Args: configuration (buildtest.config.SiteConfiguration): An instance of SiteConfiguration class yes (bool): boolean to control whether user response is required before cleaning up tasks. """ remove_report = "y" remove_history = "y" remove_buildspec_cache = "y" remove_testdir = "y" resolved_testdir = resolve_testdirectory(configuration) # request user prompt when 'buildtest clean' is specified without '-y' option. Default selection is 'y' for confirmation if not yes: remove_testdir = Prompt.ask( f"Remove Test Directory {resolved_testdir}", default="y", choices=["y", "n"], show_choices=True, ) remove_report = Prompt.ask( f"Remove Report File {BUILD_REPORT}", default="y", choices=["y", "n"], show_choices=True, ) remove_history = Prompt.ask( f"Remove History Directory {BUILD_HISTORY_DIR}", default="y", choices=["y", "n"], show_choices=True, ) remove_buildspec_cache = Prompt.ask( f"Remove Buildspec Cache {BUILDSPEC_CACHE_FILE}", default="y", choices=["y", "n"], show_choices=True, ) if remove_testdir == "y": print("======> Remove Test Directory") if is_dir(resolved_testdir): shutil.rmtree(resolved_testdir) if remove_report == "y": print("======> Removing Report File") if is_file(BUILD_REPORT): os.remove(BUILD_REPORT) if is_file(BUILDTEST_REPORTS): os.remove(BUILDTEST_REPORTS) if remove_history == "y": print("======> Removing History Directory") if is_dir(BUILD_HISTORY_DIR): shutil.rmtree(BUILD_HISTORY_DIR) if remove_buildspec_cache == "y": print("======> Removing buildspec cache") if is_file(BUILDSPEC_CACHE_FILE): os.remove(BUILDSPEC_CACHE_FILE)