This module implements the LocalExecutor class responsible for submitting jobs to localhost. This class is called in class BuildExecutor when initializing the executors.

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The LocalExecutor class is responsible for running tests locally for

class buildtest.executors.local.LocalExecutor(name, settings, site_configs, timeout=None)[source]

Bases: buildtest.executors.base.BaseExecutor

The LocalExecutor class is responsible for running tests locally for bash, sh, csh and python shell. The LocalExecutor runs the tests and gathers the output and error results and writes to file.

Initiate a base executor, meaning we provide a name (also held by the BuildExecutor base that holds it) and the loaded dictionary of config opts to parse.

  • name (str) – name of executor

  • setting (dict) – setting for a given executor defined in configuration file

  • site_configs (buildtest.config.SiteConfiguration) – Instance of SiteConfiguration class

  • timeout (str, optional) – Test timeout in number of seconds

type = 'local'

Load a particular configuration based on the name. This method should set defaults for the executor, and will vary based on the class.


This method is responsible for running test for LocalExecutor which runs test locally. We keep track of metadata in builder.metadata that keeps track of run result. The output and error file are written to filesystem.


builder (buildtest.buildsystem.base.BuilderBase) – An instance object of BuilderBase type