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"""This method defines the Spack buildsystem for the spack package manager (
by generating scripts that will do various spack operation. The SpackBuilder class will generate a test script using the
schema definition 'spack.schema.json' that defines how buildspecs are written.

import os

from import BuilderBase
from buildtest.exceptions import BuildTestError
from buildtest.utils.file import resolve_path
from import deep_get

[docs]class SpackBuilder(BuilderBase): """This is a subclass of BuilderBase used for building test that uses ``type: spack`` in the buildspec.""" type = "spack" def __init__( self, name, recipe, buildspec, buildexecutor, executor, testdir=None, numprocs=None, numnodes=None, ): super().__init__( name=name, recipe=recipe, buildspec=buildspec, executor=executor, buildexecutor=buildexecutor, testdir=testdir, numprocs=numprocs, numnodes=numnodes, ) self.status = deep_get( self.recipe, "executors", self.executor, "status" ) or self.recipe.get("status") self.metrics = deep_get( self.recipe, "executors", self.executor, "metrics" ) or self.recipe.get("metrics")
[docs] def generate_script(self): """Method responsible for generating the content of test script for spack buildsystem""" lines = ["#!/bin/bash"] sched_lines = self.get_job_directives() if sched_lines: lines += sched_lines if self.burstbuffer: burst_buffer_lines = self._get_burst_buffer(self.burstbuffer) if burst_buffer_lines: lines += burst_buffer_lines if self.datawarp: data_warp_lines = self._get_data_warp(self.datawarp) if data_warp_lines: lines += data_warp_lines var_lines = self._get_variables(self.recipe.get("vars")) env_lines = self._get_environment(self.recipe.get("env")) if deep_get(self.recipe, "executors", self.executor, "env"): env_lines = self._get_environment( self.recipe["executors"][self.executor]["env"] ) if deep_get(self.recipe, "executors", self.executor, "vars"): var_lines = self._get_variables( self.recipe["executors"][self.executor]["vars"] ) if env_lines: lines += env_lines if var_lines: lines += var_lines if self.recipe.get("pre_cmds"): lines.append("\n") lines.append("######## START OF PRE COMMANDS ######## ") lines += [self.recipe["pre_cmds"]] lines.append("######## END OF PRE COMMANDS ######## ") lines.append("\n") spack_configuration = self.recipe["spack"] if spack_configuration.get("root"): lines += [ "source " + self._resolve_spack_root( spack_configuration["root"], spack_configuration.get("verify_spack") ) ] else: lines += ["git clone"] lines += ["source ./spack/share/spack/"] if spack_configuration.get("compiler_find"): lines.append("spack compiler find") # add spack mirror if mirror field is specified if spack_configuration.get("mirror"): for mirror_name, mirror_location in spack_configuration["mirror"].items(): lines.append(f"spack mirror add {mirror_name} {mirror_location}") if spack_configuration.get("env"): lines += self._spack_environment(spack_configuration["env"]) if spack_configuration.get("install"): opts = spack_configuration["install"].get("option") or "" if spack_configuration["install"].get("specs"): for spec in spack_configuration["install"]["specs"]: lines.append(f"spack install {opts} {spec}") else: lines.append(f"spack install {opts}") if spack_configuration.get("test"): lines += self._spack_test(spack_configuration) if self.recipe.get("post_cmds"): lines.append("\n") lines.append("######## START OF POST COMMANDS ######## ") lines += [self.recipe["post_cmds"]] lines.append("######## END OF POST COMMANDS ######## ") lines.append("\n") return lines
[docs] def _spack_test(self, spack_configuration): """This method will return lines for generating ``spack test run`` and ``spack test results`` command for running tests via spack and getting results. """ lines = [] if spack_configuration["test"].get("remove_tests"): lines.append("spack test remove -y") spack_test_cmd = ["spack test run"] if spack_configuration["test"]["run"].get("option"): spack_test_cmd.append(spack_configuration["test"]["run"]["option"]) run_specs = spack_configuration["test"]["run"]["specs"] spack_test_cmd.append(f"--alias {}") for spec in run_specs: spack_test_cmd.append(spec) lines.append(" ".join(spack_test_cmd)) opts = spack_configuration["test"]["results"].get("option") or "" # fetch results using 'spack test results <suite>' if spack_configuration["test"]["results"].get("suite"): for suite in spack_configuration["test"]["results"]["suite"]: lines.append(f"spack test results {opts} {suite}") # fetch results using 'spack test results -- <spec>' if spack_configuration["test"]["results"].get("specs"): for spec in spack_configuration["test"]["results"]["specs"]: lines.append(f"spack test results {opts} -- {spec}") return lines
[docs] def _resolve_spack_root(self, path, verify_spack=True): """Given a path find the startup spack setup script to source. Args: path (str): Full path to root of spack directory verify_spack (bool, optional): Check for existence of spack setup script `$SPACK_ROOT/share/spack/` before sourcing file. By default this check is enabled but can be disabled to allow test to run even if spack doesn't exist on filesystem. Raises: BuildTestError: Raise exception if root of spack doesn't exist or we are unable to resolve path to setup script `$SPACK_ROOT/share/spack/` """ spack_root = resolve_path(path, exist=verify_spack) if not spack_root: raise BuildTestError( f"[[blue]{self}[/]]: Unable to find root of spack based on directory: {path}" ) setup_script = os.path.join(spack_root, "share", "spack", "") sourced_script = resolve_path(setup_script, exist=verify_spack) if not sourced_script: raise BuildTestError( f"[[blue]{self}[/]]: Unable to find spack script: {setup_script}" ) return sourced_script
[docs] def _spack_environment(self, spack_env): """This method is responsible for creating a spack environment, activate an existing spack environment, create a spack environment from a directory and a manifest file (spack.yaml, spack.lock) Args: spack_env (dict): Contains property ``env`` from buildspec dictionary """ # create spack environment ('spack env create') lines = [] if spack_env.get("rm"): lines.append(f"spack env rm -y {spack_env['rm']['name']}") if spack_env.get("create"): opts = spack_env["create"].get("options") or "" cmd = ["spack env create", opts] # create spack environment from name if spack_env["create"].get("name"): # if remove_environment is defined we remove the environment before creating it if spack_env["create"].get("remove_environment"): lines.append(f"spack env rm -y {spack_env['create']['name']}") cmd.append(spack_env["create"]["name"]) # create spack envrionment from directory. Note we don't need to check if directory exist because spack will create the directory via `spack env create -d <dir>` elif spack_env["create"].get("dir"): env_dir = resolve_path(spack_env["create"]["dir"], exist=False) cmd += ["-d", env_dir] if spack_env["create"].get("manifest"): manifest = resolve_path(spack_env["create"]["manifest"], exist=False) cmd.append(manifest) spack_env_create_line = " ".join(cmd) lines += [spack_env_create_line] # activate environment ('spack env activate') if spack_env.get("activate"): opts = spack_env["activate"].get("options") or "" cmd = ["spack env activate", opts] # activate spack environment via name 'spack env activate <name>' if spack_env["activate"].get("name"): cmd.append(spack_env["activate"]["name"]) # activate spack environment via directory 'spack env activate -d <dir>' elif spack_env["activate"].get("dir"): env_dir = resolve_path(spack_env["activate"]["dir"], exist=False) if not env_dir: raise BuildTestError( f"Unable to resolve directory: {spack_env['activate']['dir']} for activating spack environment via directory. Please specify a valid directory" ) cmd += ["-d", env_dir] spack_env_activate_line = " ".join(cmd) lines.append(spack_env_activate_line) # add spack mirror if mirror field is specified if spack_env.get("mirror"): for mirror_name, mirror_location in spack_env["mirror"].items(): lines.append(f"spack mirror add {mirror_name} {mirror_location}") if spack_env.get("specs"): for spec in spack_env["specs"]: lines.append(f"spack add {spec}") if spack_env.get("concretize"): lines.append("spack concretize -f") return lines