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This documentation was rebuilt on Apr 16, 2024 and is intended for version 2.0.

If you are working off the latest release please see for documentation. If you are working off the devel branch then please refer to for documentation.


buildtest is a testing framework to help HPC sites write test for their system as part of their routine acceptance and regression testing. Buildtest provides a YAML interface to write tests which buildtest can validate and then use to generate shell scripts that run on your HPC system. The test template (YAML) is called a buildspec which can define one or more test instances and is validated by a json schema. Buildtest supports the following batch schedulers: IBM Spectrum LSF, Slurm, PBS and Cobalt.

To learn more about buildtest, see the What is buildtest?

A spin-off project called lmodule is a Python API for Lmod. The buildtest module features were deprecated and moved to lmodule with the main objective is to automate module load testing. For more details on lmodule see

Getting Started

If you are interested in trying out buildtest, first install buildtest and check out the quick start guide. Next, go through the Getting Started Guide which will walk you through the basic features of buildtest. Once you are ready to write tests, check out the writing buildspecs guide which will discuss how to write buildspecs.

If you are first time user of buildtest, we recommend you to go through the command line tutorial and buildspec tutorial.


buildtest is released under the MIT license

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